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Friday, October 3, 2014

13 Best Movies for Halloween That You May or May not have Heard of

In no particular order:

1. The Crow: Based on a graphic novel

2. Ginger Snaps: Indie Canadian werewolf film. Female-centric and awesome.

3. Nightmare Before Christmas: A classic. For those who don't like scary movies. Also works for Christmas time.

4. Rocky Horror Picture Show: Always fun to get dressed up and sing along.

5. Shaun of the Dead: Zombies from the guys who brought you Hot Fuzz and The Worlds End.

6. Sleepy Hallow: For those who love Johnny Depp

7. The Ninth Gate: For those who REALLY love Johnny Depp.

8. Beetlejuice: Black and white striped suits before they were ruined by Robin Thicke.

9. House on Haunted Hill: A Vincent Price classic.

10. Scary Movie: The Original Horror Comedy

11. Carrie: Watch it before the remake.

12. Lost Boys: The Original Teenage Vampires, Sans Sparkling.

13. Interview with a Vampire: 90's Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, and Kirsten Dunst In One Film!

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