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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Review: Bumble and Bumble Air Styler creme

air styler creme

Everyone knows that French women never blow dry their hair and neither do I, perhaps for different reasons though. I'm always worried about the heat damaging my hair as well as sheer laziness. Of course I would love for my hair to still have the body of a blow out. I was excited when I came across this Bumble and Bumble product that promises the same texture and body without blow drying. After using it for a month I think my hair did have more texture and lift and it didn't feel like there was any product in it which is very important to me. Price wise it's about the same range as other Bumble and bumble products meaning it's a step up from drug store brands.

  • No heavy product feeling
  • Nice texture, very bouncy!
  • No heat!
  • Not sure if it really made my hair shinier
  • Still requires a good deal of time twisting and scrunching hair, not necessarily a time saver

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Loop Giveaway!

Happy Holidays everyone!!! Seeing as it is the season for giving, I’m here to tell you about a fabulous giveaway! I have partnered with 14 other women to help you or someone you want to share these items have a GREAT holiday season!! We've got an amazing giveaway planned for you and do you want to know what the grand prize winner gets? The grand prize is comprised of:
an iPad Mini 2, a Burgundy ASOS Faux Fur Keychain, a Serotonin Necklace from Simpli Stamped, a Forever 21 21 Shade Eyeshadow Palette, a Forever 21 Scarf/Gloves Set, AND a Blue Trifold Wallet from Henri Bendel!!
Well that was quite a lot of stuff huh? Well now that you know what's in this fabulous giveaway, it's about time you learned how to win everything right?? Well there's only 1 real rule that you have to stick to!! I presume that you found out about this giveaway from our respective Instagrams and you came here to learn more!! This is a loop giveaway, which means that if you want to be eligible to win, you MUST follow every person in the loop to win!! So head to mine right now and find out who the next person in the loop is!! You'll know that you've completed the loop when you get back to my profile! There's only 15 of us so you get to follow 14 beautiful other people who blog and Instagram about a lot of other topics!! I've enjoyed following them myself, so I'm sure that you'll love them as well!!
Well now that you've gotten through the rules,  now you've got some extra chances!! There came to be SEVENTY ONE different options for you all to win, with 15 of them being the mandatory Instagram follows, which still leaves over fifty ways for you to get ahead of the curve and improve your chances of winning!! This season is all about giving, so give a little back to yourself and enter our giveaway!! We can't wait to announce our winner!! x
Happy holidays everyone!!


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