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Friday, April 10, 2015

Case of the Tuesdays

Every Tuesday starts off the same with my regular kripalu yoga class. As the day goes on however, I can't help but feel depressed. By 5pm I want the day to just end. I couldn't help but wonder why this dark feeling was so linked to this particular day in the week. Shouldn't a day that begins with relaxing yoga bring relaxation and peacefulness? In particular, I noticed that my self esteem was pretty low on this particular day.

As I reflected, I realized it all had to do with what I was wearing; my yoga clothes. Because of laziness, I didn't feel the need to change my outfit after yoga practice just to do work in the teachers lounge. However, my ripped yoga pants, sneakers, and ponytail don't make me feel beautiful. My make up free face still makes me feel uncomfortable, though I would never exercise with it on.

The days that I carefully pick out my outfits, do my hair and make up, are the days when my attitude improves. Should the way I dress really affect my self confidence so much? Maybe, maybe not. Psychology believes that self confidence does not come from nowhere. One thing I know is that I'm not alone. How one dresses can affect what one does, how they act and even think. Dress is very much a situated bodily practice.

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