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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Are you a fashion chameleon?

Lately (really since moving to the city) I've noticed that I've become a fashion chameleon of sorts. Well all know that chameleons adapt to their surroundings by changing colors as a way of camouflage. Just as some people use fashion and dress as a way of standing out, a fashion chameleon uses it as a way to fit in. Its more than just adapting to the seasons or even dressing for different occasions. For me, I noticed that I was following others and adapting my style to fit in with different groups I interacted with to the point where I wonder if I even have a definitive style of my own. Perhaps this is normal, and style should be seen as more of a bricolage many different styles. Some of my own style groups can be seen below.

Intern- Definitely an understated chic filled with flat slip on sandals and denim minis.

Class- Class time was definitely about dressing to impress. Filled with labels (or the very least Zara knockoffs).

Work- Lots of trendy pieces like platform sandals while still complying with the dress code.

Do you see yourself as a fashion chameleon? Leave a comment below!

1 comment:

  1. I know, sometimes we all are a fashion chameleon, but its ok as long as we blend in holding onto our style and originality! Love your pick outs! :)


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