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Monday, July 20, 2015

How to make your shoes more comfortable

Nothing is worse than having a pair of shoes that love but are a pain to wear. Here are some tips to make your shoes more comfortable so you can walk and stand for as long as you want.

  1. For heels that are super high, your weight is obviously forced to ball of your foot. Some padding in the front of the shoes should provide relief.

  2. If there is a little too much room in the back of your shoes, then add a little but of cushion to the heel.
  3. If the back of the shoe is rubbing against your Achilles, add some cushion to the back to raise your heel.
  4. Another trick for heel is to to tape together your two middle toes. This provides a little extra stability on your feet. You can use a bandaid or medical tape.
  5. To prevent blisters from forming use extra protection all over your feet or where you are most prone to blisters. You can find it wherever you find running gear.

Of course lower heels, wedges, and block heels will give you more stability and comfort. Check out some great comfortable shoes for summer time below!

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